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When you need a survey:
  • When buying or selling land, the location of
    which is not clearly defined on the ground.

  • Before land is divided. 

  • If a lending institution requires a survey. 

  • If a line or corner is not defined. 

  • Before building close to a line. 

  • Before a lot is conveyed from a larger tract. 

  • Before developing the property. 

  • When you believe someone has built on your

What information we will need:
  • The purpose of the survey.

  • A copy of your legal description from a
    reliable source.

  • Location of any known property corners.

  • Information about disagreements over
    corners and lines.

  • Agreement as to who pays and when.

What is the Illinois Professional Land
Surveyor's Association?

It is the only statewide organization of Land Surveyors licensed to perform Land Surveys in the State of Illinois and dedicated to improving the quality of Land Surveying in this state. All members have subscribed to a CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT which dictates a complete and high standard of work. 

O'Brien Land Surveying is a member of the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association.


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